2019 – Yacht & Aviation Awards

di | 14 Giugno 2019

With a similar HS (High Speed) craft it’s possible to commute with family and guests up to 12, and a crew of 12, around the beautiful Med and beyond.
You can go to sleep tonight in Palma, and wake up in Monaco or in Malta tomorrow morning, your personal assistant is onboard with you, your beloved wardrobe, your office, your computer, the library, they are there too, fully operational during the entire journey.

Rendering of the yacht at sea

2019 version – Urania (Muse of the astronomers)

The hull of this yacht is optimized for semi-displacing and planing speed. Considering for 24 people to travel – with every luxury – at 70 km/h (or 35 knots!!), the time loss and emissions have found a good compromise, maybe more efficient than moving by plane or by a ferry boat.

Interior: owner's bedOwner’s cabin

Renderings of the interior of the vessel, with furnitures Made in Italy. Onboard there are also the amenities of a large custom yacht.
That is more pleasant compared to a conventional commute, no need to carry bags, to go to the airport, parking, check-in, flights, hotel.

Saloon and bar on the main deckUpper deck: day lounge

Ten (or more) minutes of range with electric power is another useful feature and it’s widely available from producers of marine propulsion systems.
When not needed the waterjet booster engine and its intake can remain shut off, and the range extended further with a cruise speed of 16 and up to 25 knots. The latest revision of this deep-Vee features two state of the art, quiet, Voith Turbo linear-jets as main transmission (and one Castoldi water-jet booster). For speed enthusiast there is also a more racing alternative with triple Sea-Rider or Arneson surface drives, here depicted in blue,  speed is up to 34 knots. A full custom and scalable design.

Illustration of the open version

2017 – Open version

A pair of e3 flat panel antennas took place of the dome aerials to reduce the aerodynamic resistance as seen on the most iconic yachts like the Maltese Falcon. This would be an ideal floating-office and the UHNWI and his friends could travel in this fashion to and from any coastal destination.


render in black and Aluminum colours

Dress code: Black tie

If you are interested in knowing the details of this and other projects, don’t hesitate to contact Camdesign by phone or by email. This project was shortlisted for the 2019 Yacht and Aviation Awards issued from Luxe et Al, in Venice in May 2019.