Stunning new catamaran from Camdesign revealed

di | 21 Maggio 2021

This is a design for a boat, the beautiful seascape is not included.

Capriccioli beach, Sardinia

Design briefing:
In May 2019 I was at a workshop in Bologna where I had the pleasure to meet Enzo M., an emphatic yacht broker and enterpreneur from Sardinia.
To understand how nice is Sardinia, that is where the Italians itself like to spend the holidays.
Inspired from a bottle of red we speculated what would be the minimum requirements for a wheelchair user friendly yacht. That is a challenge. It should have a racing look, it shouldn’t require cranes or have any ladder, it must have a perfect visibility, pour another glass, salute!
It will have a sunroof, it will be wide-body. So I draw a preliminary profile on a paper napkin:

What didn’t show from the sketch was that it was a multihull.

The architecture of a catamaran has many advantages, to begin you can have an efficient hull while loaded with many Li-ion batteries for electric propulsion. Merit of the narrow aspect ratio.

In addition, the bigger lever offered from the offset of the props adds more manouverability. The large Beam also helps to reduce the rolling.

Thanks to:
After a few CFD tests kindly performed from Cloudtowingtank and a few tips from the famous multihull NA Albatross marine, with about 40 hours of 3D modelling, I have defined the guy that you can see in these renderings. The whole process took about eight months.

Profile view and technical specifications

Thanks also to Advanced Electromagnetics (AE-Group) based in the Netherlands, for sharing these beautiful Azipods, powered by permanent magnets and capable of 110 kW of electric thrust. These units makes are a perfect match for the canoe hulls and for this power requirements.

Hydraulic stern platform is ideal for scuba diving

General Arrangements:
The layout is rational and entirely unobstructed.

The interiors spacious and comfortable, perfect for a weekend out.

On this platform a taxy boat, a sport-fisherman, or any other fantasy can be customized, the renewable energy will help to top-up the Li-ion batteries.

Please check out another power cat design and an inverse-trycicle hull here.
For more informations feel free to contact me on linkedin. See you soon!

Camillo de Gaspari