Article on the future of Cryptocurrency & yachts

di | 30 Gennaio 2022

Are you investing like Elon Musk on Dogecoins? Do you own BTC or maybe you follow the Ethereum blockchain?

On the November/December issue of Ship & Boat International, published from the Royal Institution of Naval Architects there is an extensive report about cryptos, yachting and also mining. Who are the most prominent firms of the industry in this regard? What is the outlook on the market of crypto used to buy and sell yachts and services? Does NFT (Non fungible tokens) also interest the world of yachting? There is also a brief interview with me on the subject. You can access the full version of this magazine for free following this link and then jumping at page 28.
On the same episode of this up to date publication there are as usual military vessels, renewable energy, accessories and much more.